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Today the world industry is rapidly expanding towards the oceans and the seas. Governments and industry have extended the search and exploration for offshore energy solutions making Europe the first climate neutral continent in the world.


However, many potential dangers are still lurking beneath the ocean’s surface and waves. One of those eminent dangers is the treat of Unexploded ordnance (UXO). Vast quantities of dropped, dumped and non-exploded ordnance is still laying on the ocean floor and seabed. Most of these UXO form a present danger impeding the development of offshore projects and developments like wind farms. 


To assist governments and the offshore industry, our company UXSolutions bv forms the first line of adequate risk assessment and solutions for professional and pragmatic UXO remediation.


Today many sources are waisted during the identification and discrimination of hundreds and even thousands of false positives and targets on offshore projects providing only 1 to 2 percent of positive UXO identification and clearance in the end. 


Here at UXSolutions we are proud to say that, or target discrimination is executed by specialists in the field of UXO and data discrimination which results in an unparalleled positive hit ratio. 


Our unique approach will result for your project in

  • Clear risk assessments resulting in,

  • Minimum and more dedicated target discrimination resulting in,

  • Faster and safer scope of work finalization resulting in,

  • Minimum financial implications resulting in,

  • Proficient project advancement resulting in,

  • Satisfied clients






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